Serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties since 1974
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Suffolk County
Article 12
SOP 9-95
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Al Aparo Crane & Cesspool Service, Inc.
Pollutant and contaminant removal services performed with professionally
accepted methods by trained technicians.  Whether affected areas are found in
soil, waste water, ground water, or sediment located in storm drains, catch
expertise, equipment and staff to assess project and help you reach your clean
up objectives.

Our Services Include:

Sample Collection and Preparation
Coordination and Interpretation of Laboratory Testing and Analysis
with a NYS Certified Lab
TCLP Analysis
Site Investigations
Waste Profiling and Characterization
Underground Storage Tank Removals (UST Removal)
Tank Level and Leak Detection Monitoring Systems - Installation,
Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs
Response to Notice of Violations issued by regulatory agencies,
Specializing in clean up objectives as outlined by the Suffolk
County Department of Health, Office of Pollution Control
Contaminated Soil Removal, Transportation and Disposal
Contaminated Waste Water Removal, Transportation and Disposal
Cesspool, Septic Tank, and Storm Drain Abandonment Testing
Complete Project Management from Initial Investigation to End
Point Samples, including Waste Manifests, Inspection
Coordination, and Closure Reports and Project Finalization all with
the objective of obtaining your Letter of Acceptance (NFA - No
Further Action).
Vactor Services
Orange Peel / Clamshell Services - in high ground water areas
All aspects of Phase I and Phase II Studies for Real Estate
Transactions Coordinated and Completed
Environmental Remediation Project Consultants