Sewage Treatment Plants
Serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties since 1974
Al Aparo Crane & Cesspool Service, Inc.
Sewage Treatment Plant construction, repair, upgrades and maintenance are our specialty.  
Pump stations, Lift Stations, Alarm Panels installed, replaced and maintained.  
  We have
licensed electricians and NYS Certified Sewage Treatment Plant operators on staff, making us
THE ONLY Long Island firm that is qualified and equipped to
Construct, Repair, Upgrade and Troubleshoot your Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant
Haul Sludge from Digesters
Handle final Effluent
Install, Repair, and Maintain Control Panels
ALL IN HOUSE with no subcontractors.  

We pride ourselves on our excellent working relationship with Long Island's top Waste Water
Treatment enginnering firms as well as Suffolk County's office of Health Services and the
Department of Public Works.  We provide our customers with progress through technology,
experience, diligence, communication and a teamwork.   

Our experience includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects (WWTP Projects)
Activated Sludge
Aeration Tanks for WWTP Projects
Aerators, Blowers and Oder Control Systems
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bar Screens, Static Screens, Screw Screens (Screening and Grit
Purestram BESST Systems (Biologically Engineered Single Sludge
Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) WWTP Projects
Biosolids Storage Tank with Mixers
Cromaglass Systems
Control Panels and Alarm Systems
EQ Tanks / Equalization Tanks
Extended Aeration WWTP Projects
Grit Collectors
Industrial Holding Tanks for WWTP Projects
Lift Stations and Pump Station Construction, Repair and Maintenance
Membrane Bioreactor Tanks (MBR Tanks) for WWTP Projects
Methanol Tanks
Odor Control Carbon Absorber Systems
Precast Concrete Tanks
Pump Stations
Rails, Stairs and Gratings
Rotary Blower Packages
Screening and Grit Removal for WWTP Projects
Screw Screens
Sequencing Batch Reactor Treatment (SBR)
Skimmers and Flocculators
Sludge Transfer, Hauling and Disposal
Temporary Treatment Plant – Design, Rental, Maintenance
Tertiary Filters
Troughs, Weirs and Baffle Plates
Turn-key WWTP Solutions
WWTP Project Management