Member of the Hauppauge
Industrial Association
Sewer Connections, Sewer Repair, Sewer Line Cleaning
Serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties since 1974
Al Aparo Crane & Cesspool Service, Inc.
connections and construction.  Aparo, Inc. provides free written
estimates that include but are not limited to, pumping, abandoment
processing of all required permits, connection to public and / or
private sewer systems, coordination of all required inspections, and
complete site restoration.  We handle the entire process.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Qualified by our experience in sewer system
design, construction, repair and maintenance since the establishment of Suffolk
County's Southwest Sewer District in 1981, having connected thousands of homes and
businesses across Long Island.

Contact us for more information on:
Storm Sewers, Sanitary Sewers, Combined Sewers, Sewage Treatment Plants
Sewers Connected, Repaired, Replaced  (ductile iron and / or plastic pipe).
Sewer Disconnects
Existing Cesspools Pumped and Filled (Cesspool Closure reports and waste
characterization sampling and reporting where necessary.)
Cesspools Filled / Cesspool Abandonment
Septic Tank Abandonment
Plumbing Reversals and New House Traps Installed
Sewer Line Blockages Cleared
Grease Traps Installed, and maintained
Lint Traps Installed, and maintained
Oil Water Separators Installed and Maintained
Sediment Interceptors Installed and Maintained
Specializing in Dewatering in areas with high water table
Sewer House Connection Permits Processed / S-9 Applications Processed
Road Opening Permits Obtained
Sewer Mains Installed
Forced Mains Installed and Maintained
Flow Meters Installed
Water service lines installed
RPZ / Backflow Devices Installed, repaired and tested
Industrial Waste Pretreatment Programs, Sanitary Systems Construction,