Site Work & Excavation
Serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties since 1974

Site Work
Excavation and Land Clearing
Trenching and Shoring
Site Development and Subdivisions
Earth Work and Earth Moving
Underground Utilities
Foundation Excavations
Curbs and Sidewalks
Flood Control
Parking Lot Drainage and Construction
including paving, curbing, lighting and striping
Demolition, Tree Removal and Debris Disposal
Sewer Connections, Sampling Manholes, Grease Interceptors,
Oil Water Separators, Lint Traps,& Septic Tanks Installed
Storm Sewers and Catch Basins
Curb Boxes & Inlets
ADS Pipe Installers
Sanitary and Drainage Manholes Installed
Concrete Pipelines Installed
PVC Pipe and Corrugate Pipe Installed
Yard Drains, Area Drains, Cast Iron Covers
Al Aparo Crane & Cesspool Service, Inc.